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Plan Printing

Construction work planning
Plan Printing

• Print from hard copy – plans held on file if required
• Print from Electronic files – download from USB, or e-mailed PDF’s
• We can accept files up to 20MB
• Print sizes from A7 to A0+

Maximum width 1067mm

Maximum length up to 15 metres
• Plans can be printed in either Black & White or Colour
• Full Colour presentation Prints to speciality papers
• Print onto Bond paper 80gsm – trace 110gsm – bond paper 160gsm 
• Prints can be – collated into sets – sets can be stapled & edge taped
• Reduce original image size down to A1, A2, A3 or A4
• Enlarge prints from A4 size upwards by up to 400%
• We can laminate in both Matte or Gloss
• We have our own pick-up & delivery service and can arrange distribution of your plans & documents to contractors, tenderers or consultants
• We have the largest printing resources in the region – 2 high speed digital plan printing systems with output capacity of 10 A1 prints a minute per machine. We will get your prints done and back to you on time (given reasonable lead time)

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